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Writer's Block: Citizen of the universe

If you could choose to be born again as a citizen of any country in the world, which country would you choose, and why?

Definitely Japan because it just seems so different over there. More often students are walking to school/riding bikes. Everythings closer so you can like walk to more places compared to suburban areas. I also love the seasonal festivities for schools and outside. Oh and the cherry blossoms! <3


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Okay, just did the writers block thing. And in the spirit of Valentines, I just HAVE to post this picture up.

Sadly, the frog DID NOT turn into a prince....

Writer's Block: Single pride day

Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

I think Valentines is definitely a holiday that everyone can participate in. For single me, i just plan on hanging out with the other single friends with a chick flick movie night. Just because you're not in a pair, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy that day too! 

you ever get those songs....

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You ever get those songs that just kinda make your mind just stop thinking and go into this chill mode. Those songs that cause you to just lay down and listen to it a bunch of times and just kinda...lay there. Or those songs that speak to you and cause you to sit there philosophizing about all the little things in life. Honestly, i love those type of songs because its those type of songs that can lead towards an epiphany or a solution to a long-term problem that you've had. I would of course share some of these songs directly if only i knew how to do an mp3 thinger but, sadly, i don't. Well THE SONG differs for each person, but here's one of mine anyways Beach House-Gila. Great song to listen to when its raining or when your driving on a long road in the night. For some odd reason those scenarios popped into my head. heh.


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As I go into October, I start remembering of all the memories I had as a kid with scary movies and moments. Especially the moments where my siblings would screw me over, presenting me with nightmares for my little kid dreams. Several incidents come to me, one being a moment where they would watch a scary movie together, really loud in the living room. And me, being very attached to them, I sat there with them, yet covering my eyes for fear of the horrors on screen. But then the movie went quiet, and I'm wondering, "Whats going on?" and all of a sudden my brother goes, "LOOK KATHY ITS A FAIRY!" 
-dead guy splattered across the room-
O.O <----my eyes
-the sound of evil siblings laughing-
O.O <--my eyes 10 minutes later
-movie ends they all go off on their own business, because you know, being teens, they had ALOT to do...-

O.O <----my eyes in the middle of the night.
what a happy time that was...NOT!

HOO HOO! introducing Owl City

I have always loved the Postal Service, ever since i was a kid and listened to it in my brothers car. Well recently I found a new band that kinda gives me a the same feeling as them. Feast you're eyes on this! Owl City. Well, I guess its not really a band band because its one guy, Adam Young. Anyways hes an awesome singer and his songs are excellent, great beats. A recently popular song is Fireflies. So check him out, that means you Trang! :]

squionky kid vs. fishin asians

So today, my friend "Chubby" was telling me about his neighbors. because we were talking about how our neighbors were kinda crazy. and he thought he could top my crazy neighbor with his own crazy neighbor. honestly, my neighbor has this like middle schooler or something, i dont really know, but in the middle of the night he'll start screaming. might i say screeching instead. and this screech is not like any normal screech OH NO NO NO. this is like a mating call for a squirrel/monkey or something. i have absolutely no clue. but it scares the jeebes out of me. like imagine it. you're sitting there. working on your computer. and then all of a sudden.
i didnt think you could beat that. but then Chubby tells me. well my neighbor fishes in thier koi pond. really fishing? in a koi pond? that ain't that bad. and he goes, no, you dont understand. they're actually seriously FISHING. with fishing rods and different bait, the whole shebang. well, quite frankly i dont think thats all that bad. at least they're not doing warrior cries. now THAT would've topped mine.
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